The Olimai

The olimai (oh-lim-eye) are gems specific to this world that convey certain abilities on the bearer. There are four types of olimai that come in six colors.

Types of Olimai
  • Sphere
  • Oval
  • Quad
  • Hex

Sphere- The sphere olimai are perfectly round and seem to be translucent with a cloudy center. They are about half an inch in diameter. Bearing a sphere olim provides a +1 bonus to the ability that corresponds to it’s color.

Oval- The oval olimai are about 1 inch long, half an inch wide, and about a quarter of an inch thick, resembling a flattened sphere olim. Their coloring tends to be dull and milky. Bearing an oval olim provides a +2 bonus to the ability that corresponds to it’s color.

Quad- The quad olimai are square bevel cut stones that are about a quarter of an inch thick. The coloring is that of a solid evenly translucent gem. Bearing a quad olim provides a +3 bonus to to the ability that corresponds to it’s color.

Hex- The hex olimai are gems with a shape similar to a round brilliant cut diamond where the top facet has six sides instead of 8. They are about half an inch tall and three quarters of an inch in diameter. The hex olimai are fully transparent and evenly colored. The bearer of a hex olim receives a +4 bouns to the corresponding ability.

Olimai Colors
  • Red – Strength
  • Blue – Dexterity
  • Yellow – Constitution
  • Green – Wisdom
  • Purple – Intellegence
  • Orange – Charisma

Bearing an Olim

Olimai can be mounted on jewelry or certain items of clothing that can be worn in a magic item “slot”. Only one olim can be worn per slot, or the olimai cancel each other’s powers. The olimai must be kept tight against the body to provide benefit. Clothing tends to be to loose and difficult to mount the gems on. The slots olimai can be worn on are:
  • head (hat, headband, circlet, crown, etc..)
  • neck (necklace, choker, etc..)
  • ring (one per hand)
  • belt
  • wrist (bracer, bracelet, etc..)
  • hand (glove, gauntlet, etc..)

The effects from the olimai are magical and can be suppressed like any magical effect, though they can not be dispelled. Likewise the olimai’s benefits do not stack with such spells as bull’s strength. Only one olimai of each color can provide a benefit to the wearer. If two or more of the same color olimai are worn, the type providing the highest benefit applies. The more complex types of olimai create a more powerful effect and can interfere with each other. If two many olimai of a particular type are worn, the olimai effectively cancel each other out and no benefit is gained. Only two hex olimai can be worn before this cancellation takes place, three quad olimai, and four oval olimai. Sphere olimai do not cancel each other out, although benefits gained are limited by slot availablity and color. Because of this at most 6 olimai may be employed with any effect.

The Olimai

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